The Best You

How to Conquer Adversity

The most important thing you can take from The Best You: How to Conquer Adversity is the understanding that you have the power to define your experiences—past and present. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this fantastic book states you aren’t bound by haphazard beliefs that have been set down subconsciously over the years. You are definitely not doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. This knowledge can transform your life and help you break the mental bonds that have kept you from achieving your full potential.

As you take this journey, you’ll learn how to overcome adversity, face your challenges and counter your worst enemy: yourself. Along the way, there will be many tools and nuggets of knowledge offered to you. If you take them up, if you accept Alexander Wagner’s challenge to break down the walls of adversity and redefine yourself, then you’ll begin living purposefully and will be in an excellent position to achieve dreams heretofore unimagined.

Wagner is a young man who has been struck by severe, ulcerative colitis. Yet he has thrived and gone on to win several gold medals from international karate competitions, is one of the top 10 academics in his school and has won multiple athletic and scholarly awards, which have brought him distinction amongst his peers. This young man has broken down the walls that tried to enclose him; he’ll go far and is offering to take you with him.

Alexander’s methods of success are shared in many ways throughout The Best You: How to Conquer Adversity. It’s a book that reads far beyond Alexander’s years, one that will surprise you, entertain you and teach you how to overcome the obstacles in your life. Pick up your copy today!

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About The Author

Alexander Wagner is a young hard-working student who aspires to put his best foot forward in all that he does. This mindset has won him several gold medals from international Karate competitions, has repeatedly placed him in the top 10 academic achievers in his school, and has won him other athletic and scholarly awards which have brought him distinction amongst his peers. Now he wishes to pass on some of the methods which have brought him success.

However, every achievement has its trials. Alexander has constantly been pushed by his family, teachers, and even himself. The inspiration for this book was a moment that pushed him nearly to his breaking point. That is, when he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. However, through perseverance he fought through his tough times, and knows he is now stronger for it. He can attribute his accomplishments only to the challenges which have faced him, and which he has taken on willingly.

He stands for the belief that growth comes from challenging yourself, and facing your hardships head on. While many would see hardship as a bad thing, Alex sees it as an opportunity to improve. This is what he believes will bring about the best you, and through this book he plans to help you master adversity and turn it into your friend.

Being a young teenager Alexander wants nothing more than to make a positive change in the world. From childhood he has always looked up to those who can provide an uplifting message through speeches and writing. If anything he hopes this book will be an opportunity to lift at least a few people out of difficult times—if not more.

The Best You

How to Conquer Adversity

Chapter 1 “Why would you want to face your challenges”

An explanation of why you should face your challenges head on

Chapter 3 How to face your challenges

Strategies to help you face challenges

Chapter 5 How to overcome yourself

Tips on how to overcome your greatest obstacle – you

Chapter 7 Building good habits

How to build good habits

Chapter 9 Don’t let hardship define you

A final message of hope, and why you are more than your adversity

Chapter 2 “Stories of overcoming adversity”

Examples of those who have overcome adversity and their successes

Chapter 4 How to motivate yourself to accept challenges

Insight as to how one can willingly accept challenges

Chapter 6 Why you should help other people

Reasons why you should help others

Chapter 8 Goal setting

How to set goals, along with some planners

Chapter 10 Summary

A summary of the key points in the book

The Best You

How to Conquer Adversity

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